Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Haltom City Public Library's Homebound Project

The Homebound Library Service program helps fulfill the Library’s mission by offering services to residents who are homebound due to illness, physical challenges, visual disabilities or age. This program aims to remove the barriers between information access and the patron. Homebound services are provided free of charge.
Patrons utilizing this service must be residents of Haltom City and use their library card to access materials. Participants may borrow books (regular, paperback, large print and audio), video tapes, CDs and DVDs which will be checked out for the regular 3 week period.
The Homebound Library Service Program is not new at Haltom City Public Library but current attention is clearly generating fresh interest in the offering. Allison Long, Homebound and Outreach Librarian, is a favorite among the program’s participants.
With the holiday season upon us, Allison has been presenting weekly readings at the Senior Center and this has also led to calls of interest regarding the program. Additionally, Allison serves as the program coordinator for Richland Hills Library’s Homebound Program.
For more information, call the Haltom City Public Library at 817-222-7786.


By: Iris Johansen

This new paperback is certainly a fantastic read! If you like romance and intrigue, it might just be a book you’d enjoy.
Following the death of her husband and fighting a charge for his murder a lovely actress takes a job in a remote location only to find she has been duped. In her haste to escape the glaring press surrounding the trial, she walks straight into the clutches of an unknown adversary, her late husband’s stepbrother. As the powerful man tries to figure out what has actually happened, the reader catches glimpses of past circumstances and occurrences that have led to the actions in the story.
With plot twists and turns on every page, this is a book you’ll find hard to put down. Enjoy!

Cindy B. Macon