Monday, August 20, 2012

In the midst of the fervor over e-books, there is something ultimately satisfying about having a book in my hand and turning the pages. Even more satisfying is that the author placed said book into my very own hands as a gift to this, the Haltom City Public Library. Marvelle Zollars, a local author from Roanoke, Texas, has written a very touching novel, The Refuge about a home for unwed mothers and other “social strays.”

She looks at this subject from the young mother-to-be’s point of view as well as from that of the girl’s parents and other people who become involved. And she offers the possible options for young women in this situation, with abortion being the least desirable, and including adoption and keeping the child to raise by herself, with the help of family, or ideally marrying the father. Many times her words brought me to tears, as I pondered the fictional situations and compared them to real-life situations I have encountered, fortunately mostly vicariously.

While she has created a work of inspirational fiction, Ms. Zollars does not back away from the negative elements in society – crime, drug abuse, rape, physical and emotional abuse, greed, selfishness and false pride. She also deals sympathetically with homelessness, lack of self-esteem, loneliness, and physical disabilities. Her beautiful imagery and the Christ-centered philosophies made this a most enjoyable read. I look forward to more stories from her in the same vein.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Cinderella Story For Everyone

Who doesn’t love a good “Cinderella” story? The concepts of kindness and virtue are not only timeless but multi-cultural as well. Here is a brief bibliography of Cinderella tales available through your library. Happily Reading Ever-After.


Cinderella                                                                                                            Perrault, Charles

Rough Face Girl                                                                                                 Martin, Rafe

Sootface: An Ojibwa Cinderella story                                                      San Souci, Robert

Persian Cinderella                                                                                            Climo, Shirley

Korean Cinderella                                                                                        Climo, Shirley

Pigling: A Korean Cinderella Story                                                                             Jolley, Dan

Jouanah: A Hmong Cinderella                                                                     Coburn, Jewell Reinhart

Angkat: The Cambodian Cinderella                                                          Coburn, Jewell  Reinhart

Turkey Girl: A Zuni Cinderella                                                                      Pollock, Penny

Yeh-Shen: A Chinese Cinderella

Ashpet: An American Cinderella

Glass Slipper, Golden Sandal: A world-wide Cinderella

Raisel’s Riddle  ( Jewish  Version  of Cinderella)                                  Silverman, Erica

Ash                                                                                                                        Lo, Malinda

Smoky Mountain Rose: An Appalachian Cinderella

 The Way Meat Loves Salt: A Jewish Cinderella

The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella ( Iraqi)                 Hickox, Rebecca

Domitila : Cuento de la Cenicienta                                                           Coburn, Jewell Reinhart

basado en lad tradiciaon Mexicana

Little Golden Star: Spanish American Cinderella

Fair, Brown, and Trembling: An Irish Cinderella

The Golden Slipper: An ancient Egyptian Cinderella

The Orphan: A Cinderella Story From Greece                                      Manna, Anthony

Egyptian Cinderella                                                                                         Climo, Shirley

Cinder Edna

Cendrillon: Caribbean Cinderella                                                               San Souci, Robert

The Gift of the Crocodile: Cinderella Story                                            Sierra, Judy 

 ( Indonesian Cinderella)                              

Salmon Princess: An Alaskan Cinderella Story                                      Dwyer, Mindy

Abadeha: A Philippine Cinderella Story                                                  De La Paz, Myrna J.

Ntsuag  Nos: ib tug Cinderella Hmoob ( Hmong Cinderella)           Coburn, Jewell Reinhart

Adelita: A Mexican Cinderella Story                                                         De Paola, Tomie

Sumorella: A Hawaiian Cinderella story                                                  Takayama,  Sandi

Anklet for a Princess: Cinderella story from India                                               Brucker, Meredith

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