Saturday, September 14, 2013

Donations Benefit the Library

 Donations to the library come in all forms. The majority of contributions are books, magazines, music and movies. We are very grateful for these items. Due to limited space on the bookshelves, it is not possible to circulate each item given to the library. Items that cannot be placed in the collection, benefit the library in other ways. For example: some gently used children's books are used as gifts for reading programs. Other materials, may be sold in the annual book sale, proceeds fund the annual Summer Reading Program. Other uses might include constructing a small library collection at off-site locations. Two of these library branches or rather "twigs" are the libraries at the local Hillshire Company, formerly Sara Lee Foods (for use by company employees only),  and the Haltom City Senior Citizen Center.
 Monetary donations, sometimes given in memorial for a deceased loved one, are used not only to purchase books, but also sculptures and/or equipment. Name plates are attached to these items designating for whom they are in honor of.
 One of our greatest source of pride, at the Haltom City Public Library, is our Children's programs. We derive great pleasure from instilling the love of reading and the discovery of literature by our young patrons. During story-times, on Friday mornings, books read are enriched by accompanying crafts. The Friends of the Library generously purchase craft materials, i.e. construction paper, glue sticks, duct tape...Other members of the community will sometimes pop into the library with gifts of craft supplies. Once we actually received two large storage tubs of lace and ribbons. What fun we had at our annual Valentine's Day party! More recently, we were honored to receive boxes of crayons and colored pencils from JM Cube Designs. The Summer Reading Program this years had many sponsors, and without each of them, the program would not have been nearly as successful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of them.

Friends of the Haltom City Public Library...funds for performers, funds for prizes, purchasing of popcorn for movie nights, and t-shirts for the library staff.
Chic-fil-A- Coupons for chicken sandwiches, coupons for cookies, coupons for ice cream cones.
What-a-burger- coupons for Just-a-burgers
SeaLife/ Lego Land-- free childs admission tickets
Ringling Bros. Circus- Free Child's admission
Bruswick Bowling- Free game of Bowling everyday for students.
Haltom City Beautification Board- filled goody bags
Putt-Putt Golf and Games- Free round of miniature golf

With recent budget at all levels of government, the library continues to benefit from the generosity of community businesses and our wonderful, devoted library patrons.
 Thanks a million!

Allison Long
Librarian-Outreach Services.