Friday, March 13, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Party For Kids

Join us at the library this Saturday, March 17, for our annual St. Patrick's Day party. The festivities begin at 2pm. We will have stories, a craft, decorate cookies and hunt for the elusive leprechaun. Don't forget to wear your green!

 Speaking of St. Patrick, let's revisit the history of this legendary person. He was born in Britain. during the 5th century.When he was approximately 16 years old, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and sold into slavery. He escaped and returned to his homeland at the age of 22. He became an ordained cleric and returned to Ireland, the place of his captivity, to spread the belief in Christianity.
One of his many claims to fame involves the belief that he miraculously chased all snakes from Ireland, into the sea. He was said to have accomplished this feat by ringing bells while in pursuit of the reptiles.
  March 17 was recorded as the date of his death. Each year on this day, his life and accomplishments are celebrated throughout Ireland and the United States with parties, parades and other festivities.