Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photos & Words

Words in a book can tell us a story, give us information, or make us feel a particular emotion.  A photograph can often do the same and when it does, it’s magic.  It talks to us without words. 
The deadline for entries for the 23rd Annual “Images of Haltom City” Photo Contest is March 29, 2011.  This contest started in 1985 as part of an American Library Association contest with the City of Haltom City taking over the sponsorship of it in 1989.  The number of entries and the talent displayed has increasingly grown over the years. 
In honor of the library’s 50th birthday, a new photo category, “A City of Readers” has been added to the contest this year.  Focusing on the importance of reading in America and in our community is a truly fitting tribute to the library's 50 years of service.  So grab your camera and help make this year’s contest the best ever!  All of the photo entries will be displayed at the library in April, 2011, so I hope to see yours there! 
You can find out more information about the “Images of Haltom City” photo contest on the City’s website as well as the rules and other contest photo categories.
50th Year Birthday Cake!  Just a reminder to stop in tomorrow afternoon, Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 4:30 for a cake cutting ceremony to be held by the NET Chamber.
Don’t forget that we still want to hear about your memory of the first time you went to the library.  Submit them to:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


After reading about the Haltom City Public Library’s 50th birthday this year, my thoughts traveled back in time to the first day I went to the library as a child.  I was seven.  I remember thinking that I had walked into a magical place made out of books of all sizes and all colors.   There had to be thousands of them!  I felt so overwhelmed and scared.   How would I ever be able to read all of them?  Of course there weren’t really thousands of books.  But there were enough that I wanted to run away at first. I didn’t though. Instead I decided that I was going to read as many as I could.  One problem that I hadn't counted on was that this magical place called a public library was truly magical.  New books kept showing up on the shelves.  Still, I think I managed to read all of the children’s books.
Then I graduated to the section that held the adult books.  I knew then that I would never be able to read all of them.  But that made me feel happy and safe.  It meant there would always be enough books to offer me solace, entertainment, tears, travel, experiences, laughter and knowledge.
I also remember how grownup and special I felt when I was given my very own library card.  The only other card that made me feel as grown up was when I got my driver’s license.  I still never leave home without my driver’s license and my library card.
How did you feel the first time you went to the library?  I’m sure you have fond memories too so why not share a few of them with us? You can e-mail your written memories, no more than 200 words please, to:   Be sure to include your name and phone number.  We might want to publish your piece in the Library blog! Plus, it will be good practice for all of you who are going to enter the Library’s 11th Annual Writing Contest!  Remember, the deadline for submissions for the writing contest is May 31, 2011.  You can find more information about the contest on the Library’s website.
Don’t forget to sign the Library’s Memory Book the next time you visit! 
Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Party Time!

The party is on!  The Haltom City Public Library is going to be celebrating its 50th birthday starting this month.  Actually we are going to be celebrating all year long.  After all, we’ll only be 50 once.   
Let’s start with A Children’s Valentine Party.  It will be held at the Library on Saturday, February 12th, at 10:30 a.m.  We will have all the party ingredients ready for you:   stories, crafts, a puppet show, and refreshments.  You can call 817-222-7786 for more information.
We will continually update the Library Blog with all the celebration events that we have planned so keep on coming back.