Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For Us Gals - Lisa Scottoline

I just finished Lisa Scottoline’s latest novel, Save Me and I loved it.  I’m surprised, too.  Not because I don’t like this author, I love her, but because this particular novel starts off with a raging school fire.  I escaped from a fire many years ago and once you’ve been through something like that, the senses never forget.  But Ms. Scottoline  captured this reader and carried me through the flames into the main story – a woman who had to choose between saving her daughter or someone else’s.  Rose does what we like to think we would do—manage to save them both.  Perfect ending?  No, only the beginning of a powerful, compelling story of a woman who did the right thing and it backfired.  She finds herself being sued and criminal charges filed against her for abandoning the child that she had carried to safety before going back for her own daughter, Melly.  She can lose her home, her husband, and perhaps even her freedom. As she struggles to find out what went wrong, why Amanda, the other little girl, went back into the burning school cafeteria, Rose also has to face her past and the secret she’s kept from everyone, even her husband.
Lisa Scottoline, a prestigious trial lawyer, is a unique author, one who can write women’s fiction that holds you captive until the very end and nonfiction that will make you split your sides from laughing. I didn’t discover Lisa until I saw her first nonfiction book, Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog sitting on a shelf at Barnes & Noble.  I normally don’t pick books just because of their title but come on, this was so different and I’m such a dog lover, no way was I going to pass it up!  I'm now reading her second nonfiction book, My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space, and I'm finding it just as warm and real-life humorous as her first.  Lisa also writes a delightful weekly column that you can read on her website: 
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  1. I love "... carried me through the flames into the main story ..."!