Monday, July 23, 2012

A Facebook App For Book Lovers!

A quick hi and happy reading from your Library Blog Mistress!  Hope you don’t mind me stopping in and chatting with you once in a while.  I know we all have been busy this summer reading.  The library had a record number of readers sign up for their 2012 Summer Reading Club – over 1,250 of you which is a record number! 

For all of your Facebook fans, I found this really cool app called: The Book Challenge:  100 Books To Read Before You Die.  After you go down the list of books and check off the ones you have read (and can remember reading), it posts your results on Facebook to share with all your friends.  If you can’t find the app on Facebook or your Facebook friends haven’t send you it yet, the web address is:

I was reluctant at first to take the challenge as I have always considered myself an avid reader and didn’t want to make my friends look bad when my results showed up.  It turned out that I didn’t need to worry about that.  I was shocked with my results and my lowly score of 24 is now out there for all my friends to see which is a bit depressing.  On the other hand, I still have lots of time to read the other 76 books.  And I’m willing to bet that my favorite library, the Haltom City Public Library, has them all, so…..

If you Google book lists to read, you will find a multiple of them around.  Is this particular list the best list?  Probably not but it does show that Facebook fans are readers and are proud to be.  Plus it’s just plain fun to take and share your results with your friends.  Hope you are up to the challenge!

Have a happy reading week!

This post has been provided by your Blog Mistress.  We are so excited to have her visit!!  Thank you SO much, Mistress, for contributing your flair for our reading pleasure!!  I am looking very forward to using this app and seeing how I might stack up next to some of my fellow bibliophiles  ;0)

Until Next Time,
Your Library Blog Maven


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