Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"State of Grace" by Elizabeth Davies: an e-book Review

E-books are increasingly becoming popular. Never fear, it is the diehard belief that printed books are hear to stay. However, e-books are a nice compliment to printed volumes. The Haltom City Public Library offers e-books through a source we subscribe to: Overdrive. Anyone interested in using this service may get more information by asking a librarian on your next visit or by phone. Other sources of e-books, along with many others, include: Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, Amazon.com, and GoodReads. The following is a book review by a devoted library patron of the Haltom City Public Library . Elizabeth Davies, author of the book, "State of Grace", offered Carrie Mabry Donohue a free copy of her e-book in exchange for an honest review of her work. I believe this is a common practice amongst up and coming authors. A chance to share their talents with avid readers of the world.  Upon reading the review, if anyone is interested in acquiring a copy of the book, it is available through Kindle or GoodReads.

State of Grace" by Elizabeth Davies: an e-book Review
by Carrie Mabry Donohue

I wish I could give partial stars... If I could I would give this book a 4.8 or maybe a 5.5, the difference being if I felt "challenged" or CHALLENGED!

I enjoyed getting to know Grace and Roman here. The plot line was a bit different from any I had read our hard about before. A woman with an "expiration date" dangling over her head goes back in time.... This book has some eroticism, romance, history, current events, science.... (Ok so the science is mostly Grace trying to explain stuff) The book captured my attention so well I actually finished it a few hours ago... I spent an hour telling my husband about it and then started reading the next installment before I decided I better write my review before I slipped and told you Elvis is a vampire.. Oops! Just kidding, that does not happen until book. 5.... Kidding.... I recommend this as a good read, has some sex scenes and violence so not really meant for the faint of heart... (My 20 year old daughter no, my 17 year old cousin would be a big YES)

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