Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Sales 101

Whether you are a frequent book sale shopper or have never been to one, here are some ideas on how to get the maximum pleasure from the experience.

We are sharing these ideas with you with the hope that they will be helpful and encourage you to attend the Annual Friends of the Library Book Sale at the Haltom City Public Library, April 24-27, 2014.

Plan your visit to the sale:

1.       Put the dates of the sale on your calendar.

2.       Plan to make multiple trips to the sale. Be here at 10:00 am on opening day to anticipate the “joy of the hunt.” Come on Sunday, when all remainders are sold for $5.00 per box full (we provide the boxes).

3.       Invite a friend to come with you. Tell your school, church, neighbors, organization about the sale.

Once at the sale:

1.       Take your time. Finding good bargains take time and effort, but Friends volunteers will be available to assist you.

2.       Take a break from the sale to visit the library and Java Joe’s Coffee Bar. 

3.       Find books for yourself and others; they make great, inexpensive gifts for children and adults.

4.       Replace a book you’ve lost or loaned to a now-unknown borrower.

5.       Buy and re-read a treasured book from your childhood.

6.       Recreate the experience of book sales you’ve enjoyed in the past….in a church basement, in a tent in a parking lot or park, in a National Guard Armory or a Cattle Barn.

7.       See old friends and meet new ones.

8.       Furnish a new house or redecorate a current one with older books with leather and gilt covers and spines.

9.       Be curious: look in a new category. You will probably find a book you didn’t know you wanted.

10.   Who are your heroes? Find a biography and learn more about them.

11.   Learn something new (Excel computer program; how to pronounce French words; to knit or crochet).

12.   Experience the joy of being in the company of other book lovers.

13.   Leave the sale with many special books and with the knowledge that your purchase helps the Friends of the Haltom City Public Library support our Library.

Ann Bastable, Library Advisory Board

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