Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have Allison - Will Travel

       If you see a long white van on the road that has a red broad racing stripe and big blue lettering spelling LIBRARY OUTREACH SERVICES, chances are that you are going to see the smiling face of Allison Long, the Outreach Librarian for the Haltom City Public Library.  Give her a big wave and I guarantee she’ll wave back.  She’ll probably be heading to the Senior Center or to the home of one of the 30 or so people that she brings books, music CD’s, and DVD’s to as part of the library’s Homebound Services.  You might call her the “Librarian on Wheels” providing services for those who physically cannot come to the library.  She’ll even bring her laptop to assist a homebound patron with a quick research for a book or topic if requested.  If you know of an individual who is temporarily or permanently physically homebound, please give them the gift of reading by calling Allison at 817-222-0068. 
       Allison could also be traveling to the Sara Lee facility located in Haltom City where she helped set up a twig library branch which they have named Corndog Corner Library or to the Richland Hills Library and three day care centers for children’s reading sessions. 
       A couple of weeks ago I wrote that librarians are amazing folks.  I was not paid to write that.  (In fact, I’m not paid to write this blog and I’ve been meaning to talk to someone about that!)  It isn’t just the amount of education they have to obtain or their love of books and reading that make them so amazing; it’s the passion they have for their patrons and their community.  I’ve gotten to know most of the librarians at the Haltom City Public Library and I can honestly say that they are a unique bunch of folks, each contributing their own field of specialty to the library and their community.  As different as they are, (and they are!  lol) they all share the same dedication and passion.  Since I don’t want to show favoritism (I still haven’t paid that fine yet), I plan on writing about each one of them and their field of expertise before my reign of blogging is over. 
       Have a reading good week.......  your library blog mistress

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