Thursday, August 25, 2011

Join an Email Book Club!

Have you ever wanted to join a book club but can’t find one that matches your book taste or meets at a convenient time?  Have you ever faced the dilemma of trying to decide which book you want to check out of the library or check out a book only to find out that you don’t like it after the first chapter or so?  The answer to these questions is as simple as logging onto the Haltom City Public Library’s website and clicking on this photo of Suzanne, of

Then sign up for the Email Book Club of your choice and start reading.    There is Fiction, Nonfiction, Teen, Business, Romance, Good News, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Audio, Classics, Authorbuzz and Kidsbuzz to choose from.
Every day, Monday through Friday, you will receive in your email a five-minute selection from a chapter of a book.  By the end of the week, you'll have read 2-3 chapters and will know if this is a book that you'll want check out of the library to finish reading.  Each Monday, starts with a new book.  The Email Book Club is free, fun and you will make a new friend, Suzanne,  the face behind Her comments are delightful and helpful and she evens shares her favorite recipe for Chocolate Chip Muffins with you.

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