Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Postings Moved to Fridays

Please come back on Friday.  Typically I have been writing the library blog on Wednesday evenings and posted it either Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.  I'm embarrassed to say this but since I've started exercise boot camp which meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings, I've found that I'm left with  little time and even less energy to write the blog after class on Wednesday nights.  This proves my theory that exercising is not that good for you.... or maybe that if I had started exercising years ago, I wouldn't be in such bad shape.  lol   Regardless, I'm sticking to the exercise class and my commitment to the library blog; just rearranging my schedule a bit.  Especially since the boot camp instructor states that every hour of exercise adds 3 years to one's life.... or was it every 15 minutes of exercise?  Hum.  Maybe I need to ask one of the librarians to research that for me.  I don't want to overdo a good thing if I can help it.


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