Monday, January 16, 2012

iPads, eBooks, and eReaders! Oh my!!

A True Story

I’m on my couch, in my jammies, watching my favorite Thursday night drama when I see a movie trailer for an edge-of-your-seat, exciting, new movie that will hit the big screen in mere weeks!  My breath has been taken away, my heart is pounding, I am full of excitement about this movie!!  The Hunger Games.  Being a Librarian, I am keenly aware that this movie has been adapted from the first book in The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.  As a Librarian, I follow a strict rule of not watching screenplays of books before I have read the book.  Therefore, I MUST obtain a copy of this exciting novel ASAP!  What to do, what to do….  It’s late, the library is closed.   Alas, I am in my jammies.  I am fraught with despair, momentarily, until I remember that I recently purchased an iPad.  I immediately spring into action!  I snatch my iPad from its charging station, grab my Haltom City Public Library card (from the very front of my wallet, of course), and get back in my cozy spot on the couch.  Before the commercial break is over, and my show starts back up, I have downloaded the book from my library to my iPad.  Now I will be able to begin reading it before I go to bed for the night.  All is right with the world J

A Transfer of Powers

Would you like to be able to perform this same astounding feat?  Fear not!  As your LibraryBlogMaven, I will teach you my super-secret tricks of the trade.  Possessing powers such as these does require a smidge of preliminary set-up.  Don’t fret!  I can help you with ALL of this  J  I will start by giving some definitions and description. Then, I will suggest that you visit the OverDrive website (  to do a preliminary browsing of what is available to you.  Once your interest is piqued, or if this blog ends up being as clear as mud to you, I invite you to visit me in person at the Reference Desk at the Haltom City Public Library where I can help you one-on-one.  You may also give me a call if you prefer to complete this transfer of powers while in your own cozy spot in your very own jammies! (817-222-7786)

Definitions and Descriptions

Ebook – This is the electronic counterpart of a printed book.

OverDrive – This is the website that our library uses to manage our electronic collection.

Ereader – This is an electronic device that has been designed primarily for the purpose of reading electronic books and magazines.  Examples of these are: Barnes and Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and Sony Reader.

Tablet Computer – or simply tablet.  This is a general purpose computer contained in one panel.  Examples of these are: iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, and Motorola Droid tablet.

Smartphone This is a mobile phone with built-in applications and Internet access.  Examples of these are: iPhone and Android phones.

Note:  Ebooks are read using a desktop computer, laptop computer, Smartphone, tablet computer, or Ereader.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Your LibraryBlogMaven

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  1. Thanks to HCPL for offering the opportunity to leverage our e-readers through the subscription to Overdrive and expand our library usage.