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Diabetes Resources

Many of us know someone who has been diagnosed by diabetes.  Type I diabetes is generally diagnosed in children. Therefore, more common name for this disease is “Juvenile Diabetes.” Type II Diabetes is, on average, diagnosed in adults and as a rule can be controlled by diet and exercise, if detected early enough. The following bibliography is comprised of a combination of resources ranging from helpful websites to books and videos available through the library. Please beware that these resources are not intended to replace the medical advice from your primary care physician. 

“Knowledge is power”


Visual Resources:

Understanding diabetes and living a healthy life    (Video Cassette)                          Upjohn Co.

Diabetes: An Introduction                                              (Video Cassette)                            InforMed

Lifestyle #9 Volume 7, A General Overview and Recommendations for Managing  Diabetes.

                                                                                                ( Video Disc)          Kerr, Graham and Treena

Diabetes---Facts, nutrition and cooking                                 ( Video Disc)      Millennium  Interactive

Mayo Clinic wellness solution for diabetes           ( Video Disc)                       Mayo Clinic

If You Have---Diabetes                                                 ( Video Disc)                       Alpyn  Health Education


Diabetes A To Z: What you Need To Know About Diabetes, Simply Put.        American Diabetes Assoc.

American Medical Association Guide to Living With Diabetes                       John Wiley& Sons, Inc.

Take Charge of Your Diabetes                                                                                    Zaidi, Sarfraz

A First Book for Understanding Diabetes (Diabetes in Children)                  Chase, Peter     

The Everything Diabetes Book: From diagnosis and diet to Insulin and exercise: All you need to live and active, healthy life.                                                                                                Ford-Martin, Paula

American Diabetes Association Complete Guide To Diabetes               American Diabetes Association

Growing Up With Diabetes: What Children want Their Parents to Know                 McAullife, Alicia




The Joslin Diabetes Gourmet Cookbook: Heart-healthy everyday Recipes For Family and Friends

                                                                                                                                         Polin, Bonnie Sanders

The art of Cooking For The Diabetic                                                                         Hess, Mary Abbott

Diabetic Sweet Tooth Cookbook                                                                                     Finsand, Mary Jane

New Family Cookbook for People With Diabetes                                                        Simon & Schuster

Cooking Withe the Diabetic Chef                                                                                     Smith, Chris 





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