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Hello, Faithful Blog-Followers  ;0)  This is your Library Blog Maven.  You are about to be treated to a special posting by our very own Haltom City Mayor Pro Tem, Darlene Hooks!  We would like to thank Ms. Hooks for taking the time out of her certainly busy schedule to create this personal and inspiring post for our blog.  Thank you so much!! 

First Books I remember reading:

 “Nancy Drew Mysteries” I was in Elementary School. I related to Nancy Drew because I am an only child and imagined her to be an only child also. These books are why I still enjoy a good Mystery.


Favorite Book:

 “Listen to the Warm” by Rod McKuen  (I have an autographed hard copy) It was a gift from a very special friend.


Best Book:

“Our Bodies Ourselves” A book by and for Women. This book is full of valuable information about Women’s Health and sexuality.  I have given this book as a gift to my daughter, her friends and my friends.  I am so glad that I found this book, not only for myself, but also for the women who I was able to shared it with . I would still recommend it for all women.


Favorite Author:

I don’t have a Favorite; I like books that relate to what I am experiencing at that time.



Books That I have read recently:


“Clueless to Commissioned”    by Kelly A Martin.     
 I enjoyed reading this book for several reasons.  Kelly Martin is from Haltom City. She Graduated from Haltom High School and her Mother is still a Haltom City resident.  She tells the story of her journey as a female  Police Officer during her 15 years with the Fort Worth Police Department. Her  honest approach to telling her story made for a very interesting and emotional book. Her descriptions of events included places we are all familiar with, some in our own neighborhoods. I enjoyed her book very much and would recommend it to all readers. (my copy is autographed)


“Privacy means Profit” by John D. Sileo.

I heard John Sileo speak at the TML Conference. I was so impressed with his presentation of how to prevent Identity Theft and secure you and your bottom line, that I bought his book for myself and several members of my family.  (my copy is autographed) He encourages everyone to “Think Like a Spy”  

His website is:


“The Gift of Community”  by Gary D. McCaleb. Reflections on the way we live and work together. 
 I love the title of this book.  Here is a quote from Gary McCaleb  “ The reason this book is titled the Gift of Community is because I am convinced that any sense of community we enjoy comes as a result of the charitable spirit and generous nature of others”  For me, it was also good to read that “we cannot ignore the problems of our community but we need to be sure that in our community we are going to be spending some time in Celebration”. What great advice!

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did  ;0)

Until Next Time,

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