Monday, June 29, 2015

Bros. Gromm Visits Haltom City Public Library

 The article below has been written and submitted by our teen journalist, Aidan Mize.
The puppet show put on today, Friday, June 26, by the Bros. Gromm, despite having an unusually small audience, may have been the most interactive out of all of the shows. Throughout the performance, the puppeteer had the puppets ask the viewers to participate in almost everything. They were encouraged to help whenever possible, and to read books.
Regardless of the fact that the show was aimed at younger viewers, I noticed that many of the adults and volunteers alike were entertained, myself included. The show was somewhat of a cross between comedy and education, mixing the two seamlessly.
Somewhere near the middle of the show, the puppeteer came out and asked some questions, and had people draw shapes on the board he had. They also used a computer screen to play small games and the such. One such game was where a picture would appear onscreen and the audience would have to make the noise the the animal would. The puppet would be the one to guess what the animal was.
The pictures on the board returned about 20 minutes before the end of the show. That time, the goal was to try to make something of the random squiggles on the board. It was decided that the picture would be one of a dolphin and a boat, that shot pies from a cannon. In short, the show was a success, even with the small crowd.

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