Thursday, June 11, 2015

Que Pastas Rock the Library!

Guest teen journalist, Aidan Mize , has graciously agreed to write an article for this blog reporting on the June 5,  kick-off event of the Summer Reading Program. Please enjoy reading his thoughts and impressions:

       The 2:00pm visit to the library by the Que Pastas was incredible. While it may have been aimed at a younger audience, it was clear that all ages were entertained today. The music itself was fast paced and entertaining, not to mention the segments in-between. Every song was punctuated by a joke or a dance or something akin to that.
    The musicians themselves were incredibly animated and seemed to really be enjoying getting the audience involved. They did everything from asking the audience what to sing, to getting everyone up to dance.
   Truly, the entire Summer Reading Program kick-off was a success. The Que Pastas were astronomic at all levels of entertaining, at least for me! Their entire performance was awesome, from  the "Book Song" to the utterly fun insanity of the " Birthday song".

Aidan Mize

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