Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bit Spoiled? You Betcha!

The Haltom City Public Library always makes me feel so special.  They spoil me a tab bit too but I’m not complaining.  I like sitting back in my comfy desk chair and using my computer to screen shop through the current NY Times Best Sellers list for Fiction, Nonfiction and Advice books when I log onto the MetrOPAC Online Services that I accessed through the Haltom City Library’s website.
MetrOPAC is the combined catalog for Haltom City, Benbrook, Burleson, Fort Worth, Keller, Richland Hills, and Watauga. Books and movies found in their catalog may be transferred, upon request, to any library in the MetrOPAC system for resident cardholders to pick up.
Once I see a book or DVD that I want, I can request it from whichever city that has it on the shelf and it’s delivered to my library of choice, the Haltom City Public Library.  If I’m put on a waiting list, it tells me how many patrons are ahead of me.  I can check daily or weekly to see where I am at on the waiting list if I want to, but I don’t really need to because, get this, I get a phone call when my book is ready to be picked up!  How easy is that?  And this is the really unbelievable part—if I’m in a hurry or have a lot of books to pick up or it’s raining, all I have to do is call the library ahead of time and they will have my order ready to pick up at the drive-thru window.  I don’t even have to get out of my car if I don’t want to!   I haven’t used the drive-thru window yet because I personally like to go into the library and roam through the book displays to see if any additional books might catch my fancy.  Plus I like the big smiles I get whenever the librarians and staff assist me.  Like I said, they make me feel special.  But then, they do their best to make sure EVERY patron feels special and gets a tab bit spoiled.  So let's all go get spoiled!

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