Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading Club 2011

The Haltom City Public Library’s Summer Reading Club 2011 is in its 4th week.  While the kickoff and registration was on May 28th, there is still plenty of time to register and start filling out your reading logs.  (I hear there are going to be prizes too!) We have until 8:00 p.m., July 13th before we have to turn in our reading logs. When I came into the library tonight to pick up some books on hold, Allison Long wowed me with the number of participants that have registered so far:  818!  Now that’s a lot of folks, young and not so young, reading.  What a better way to honor the Haltom City Public Library Turning 50 and enjoy the hot Texas summer by digging up a good book to read?   Not being one who likes to feel left out, I immediately picked up my registration form so that my reading hours can be counted too.  So now the count is 819! Let’s see if we can get 900 summer reading club members for 2011!  Won’t that be a grand party if all 800-900 of us turn out for the library's Summer Reading Finale on Friday, July 15th at 2:00 p.m.?

Shelby, my rescue dog, is a reader too and she wants everyone to know that Iris Johansen’s bestselling book, EVE, is a “keep-the-dogs-up-all- night” book.   This psychological action-packed mystery starts off with a bang literally in the first two sentences in Chapter 1.  "Two minutes.  The explosive was in place….”  The book flap states that with the help of her best friend, CIA agent Catherine Ling, Eve is finally close to finding the man who kidnapped and murdered her young daughter years ago.  Yet, there is much more to this story:  two teenager lovers who separate then are reunited by their past, their magical daughter, Bonnie, who comes to them in their dreams, and their search for Bonnie’s murderer. Interwoven throughout the story is also the power of friendship between two women and the love of a husband who must fight to keep his marriage intact and his wife, Eve, safe from her first love, John Gallo, a professional killer. 

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